How We Store Your Goods

How We Store Your Goods

Medium Term Household Storage Solution

Medium term household storage brings flexiblity to many different situations. You could be a person that has sold their property. With your possessions in our store you are free to find exactly the house you want without the usual pressures and compromises that come with being in house buying chains.

In another circumstance, a complete house renovation and redecoration is made possible with our house contents storage facility.


Long Term Storage Solution

If you are one of those people who is going to live abroad but cannot take your household possessions with you and plan to eventually return and set up a new home in the UK we can help.

Storage Facility

We offer containerised and conventional storage.

Standard Storage Service

  • We can wrap and pack your house contents.
  • All soft furnishings are placed into plastic protective covers to keep them clean and dust free.
  • Generate an inventory to record the condition of each of your possessions before storage.
  • Transport your possessions and place them into storage at our depot.
  • Deliver your possessions to you. There are restrictions on what we can store. They include no gas bottles/ cylinders, food stuffs or perishable goods, no paints, flammable liquids or toxic substances. Call us if you have any queries.

Access and Return of Stored Items

For security and operational reasons access to your stored goods is limited but access can be arranged by calling us or emailing us first for an appointment

Delivery/return of your stored items is where possible done at your convenience but is dependent upon workloads.

Pricing Structure, Liability and Payment

Pricing for storage is a combination of per weekly rate, by volume and by declared value. Due to changes to FSA/insurance regulations (which affect the whole of the Removal and Storage Industry) we supply standard or limited liability as part of our removal and storage contract. This is based on the declared value you place on your possessions.

Payment for storage can be by cheque, direct debit or BACS if you use Internet or telephone banking

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